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Max Lee

Front-End Developer

Hello! After graduating from the tourism department, I worked in the advertising industry before finding my way to become a frontend engineer in software development. Currently, I am responsible for product development at 104 Corp.

In my passion for programming, "sharing" is perhaps one of the major contributing factors.
organizing book clubs
participating in community events
, and departmental sharing are all things I have tried and continue to engage in. It's also a source of fulfillment for me.

I also enjoy exploring open-source projects and have made contributions to a few. Although they may be minor modifications, I am committed to continuous improvement.

In 2023, I released two open-source packages: first, the wave animation you see in the current background, achieved with Vue Surf, and second, the website step-by-step navigation development kit, Vue Stage Play. And you can press HERE to see the effect.